Seeded Eucalyptus

seeded eucalyptus in floral arrangements
Seeded Eucalypts, Roses, and Daisies

Every time I work with Rachel Wiygul, floral designer at Trendy Tree, I learn something new!

Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus is textural greenery favorite that is used for fresh flower arranging. It’s a favorite greenery filler to use in weddings, centerpieces, garlands, and so much more. These branches add texture and depth to the arrangement and blends with almost any theme.

It has sturdy stems that can be easily manipulated. These branches love fresh water!


Eucalyptus grows in many different forms, everything from trees to shrubs. I’m no expert! Just sharing my experience with these fresh branches and artificial ones that we have at the shop.

In the images below, Rachel used several different styles of Eucalyptus. I’m not going to try to name them all because I’m afraid I won’t get them right! Silver Dollar, Parvula, and Seeded for sure.

Faux Eucalyptus

Dried Eucalyptus

Prior to getting to watch Rachel work with fresh flowers, my only experience with these stems was the dried version that you can get at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc. Those bundles are available in all sorts of colors that aren’t natural, but still pretty.

A Sampling of Rachel’s Creations using Eucalyptus

wedding flowers using seeded eucalyptus sprays
1. Rachel Wiygul, The Twig
eucalyptus in floral arrangements with white hydrangeas
2. Rachel Wiygul, The Twig
seeded eucalyptus and roses for an outdoor wedding decoration
3. Rachel Wiygul, The Twig

The Twig a Branch of Trendy Tree

If you are local (Pontotoc, MS) and need fresh flowers for an event or special occasion, give Rachel a call! You can reach her at Trendy Tree.

Sunday School Brunch

Rachel helped me out the other day with decorations for my Sunday School brunch and we used some of the Seeded Eucalyptus. We needed nine table arrangements and something for the food table. So Rachel created a design in a clear vase for me to copy. Thank you Rachel for helping me out!

I also learned how to transport nine vases, filled with water, to the church in one trip! She showed me how to cut a box with an “X” and set the vases inside to secure them. Such a neat idea!

cut an "X" in a long narrow bow to travel with vases of fresh flowers
Transport Floral Vases
transporting vases of fresh flowers in the back of a car
No Spills!


I had wondered if we needed to tie some ribbon around the vases and make a bow, but Rachel suggested just placing a piece of ribbon around the vase. That way, there would not be an obvious front and back to the vase, since they were going to be placed on round tables.

We just measured a vase and wrapped a piece of ribbon around each one using sticky tape stuff. Another trick learned!

Final Results

Artificial Eucalyptus

We have many styles of artificial Eucalyptus in stock at Trendy Tree. These branches make gorgeous artificial floral arrangements too! Here’s a link: Eucalyptus

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