The Entrepreneurial Spirit – Hereditary?

I think we get our work ethic or entrepreneurial spirit from our parents and grandparents. Do you? Here’s an example)))

Trendy Tree

(Re-post from several years ago)

Today was a typical, busy fall day in the Trendy Tree shop. Matt (our 5-year-old grandson) gets picked up at school by his mom, Carrie, every day and comes back to the shop to stay until we all finish out the day.

He always comes in the door, looks for a snack, takes off his clothes, and proudly shows off his papers for the day. His choice of after-school attire is boxers and boots.

matt superman cape
Matt Superman Cape in the Trendy Tree warehouse

His next question is usually to ask if UPS has picked up yet. The USPS and UPS pickup is the key to going home, so he’s always interested if the packages have gone out!

Pumpkin Pictures

Today he needed paper….. “lots of paper,” he said….”that white kind. ” I asked what he was going to do with all that paper and he said, “draw some punkins.”

So, we pulled out some copy paper and he started drawing “punkins.” He stacked up his drawings until he had quite a few. I don’t know why I didn’t save one for myself! My refrigerator is usually loaded with masterpieces)))

I asked what he was going to do with them and he said “sell them.” Really I thought. Well, at least he’s thinking about earning some money.

Hmmm, here’s that entrepreneurial spirit maybe. Carrie was always babysitting when she was in high school and David did survey work during the cotton season in high school.

Carrie earned her own money to buy a “bomber jacket in the 1990s and also was a candy striper. She’ll love that I told you that…lol! Bomber jackets were expensive!

David worked during his college years at a restaurant and Carrie worked at the hospital as a secretary while she was going to nursing school. So my grandchildren come from parents with a strong work ethic.

Back to Matt. He said, “I’m gonna sell them to everybody.” How much I asked? “Bout a dollar” he replied.

I told him that might be a little high…..and suggested he might ask for a quarter….he thought that was fine too.

My next question was who are you going to sell them to? He said “everybody that comes to my house on Halloween” Already had a marketing plan it sounded like!

“I’m gonna sell them to everybody…..well….not Maggie and AJ (his brother and sister). I’ll just give them one, but everyone else has to pay a quarter…and I’ll have lots of money.”

matt, grandson
Matt 5 years old

Who knows with that entrepreneurial spirit….you might be looking at the next CEO of Trendy Tree!

But…if that’s true, he’ll have to get in the habit of keeping his clothes on when he gets to the shop)))

**Update** He sold two pictures at church tonight…..


This post was initially written in 2013 and I ran across it today. Sweet memories))

This young man is now 15, a fan of rock and roll, a terrific guitar player, and also plays tennis. He never ceases to amaze us. He drops by the house frequently which we love even if it is just for a sandwich and something to drink))) That’s my most important job! Anytime you get a message from a grandchild that asks “wyd” you know you’re fixing to get a request for something))) And I’m learning new acronyms every day…lol

Grandchildren keep us young at heart, even after they grow up! Time is passing by so fast. Sometimes I want to dial back time to the days when we had one, two, or even all three spending the night))) I could write a book about their escapades! I can’t imagine what our life would have been like without them)))

Carrie and David did good didn’t they))))

Do you have grandchildren? I would love to hear some of your tales too)))

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