How to Hang an Interior Door Wreath

pantry door wreath
Pantry Door Wreath

Hanging an Interior Door Wreath

Have you wondered how to hang a wreath on an interior door? Well, it’s really easy! This wasn’t my original idea, I saw it on a video somewhere)))

Interior doors that generally stay closed are great places to add a little holiday cheer. This is my pantry door, but closet doors or cabinets are perfect to use too.

Trick to Hanging

If you’re like me, you don’t like the thought of driving nails into any door. On my front door, I use a heavy-duty 5-pound Command hook. The first one lasted almost four years before it came off. So I put another one up just like it. The door is fiberglass.

For my windows, I have used clear 5-pound Command hooks and when one of them comes off, I’ve replaced it with a heavy-duty suction cup. So far, only one has come off of my outside windows. So that’s a pretty good record.

To hang a wreath or decoration on an interior door, place a command hook upside down on the inside of the door. I used a one-pound hook because it’s what I had available and it’s holding well so far. The first one I tried was a smaller, more like a cup hook and it wasn’t strong enough. It popped off in about two minutes.

small command hook upside down
Small Command Hook Upside Down

Make a loop of ribbon around the wreath, knot it, and hang it on the hook. Now, you can make yours a lot neater than mine, I was in a hurry! A clear fishing line works well too. But I like the look of the ribbon going over the door. Depending on the style of your wreath, you could use burlap string too. Heck, you could use a wooden bead garland. I never thought of that until just now, that would have been pretty!

Wood Beads

Wood beads are trending. You can use them most anywhere. I have some hanging on a lamp or just lying around on a tabletop.

Small wreaths or decorations would be pretty on cabinet doors too, especially those that you don’t open and close a lot. Bedroom closet doors would work too. Of course, you want a wreath with a nice back that won’t scratch your door when it gets banged around a bit by opening and closing.

I had to knot the ribbon a couple of times to get the interior door wreath to hang where I wanted it. Kinda messy isn’t it!

interior door wreath
Interior Door Wreath

As I say, I could have made the inside of my pantry door a little neater, but honestly, if someone is inside my pantry and notices my not-so-neat hanger….I have a lot more to worry about than my wreath!

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