Candy Corn Decor

candy corn decor
Candy Corn – Eat it or Decorate with it!

Candy Corn Decor

Most people either love candy corn or hate it. But even if they hate to eat it, they love using a candy corn theme for fall and Halloween decorations. Personally, I love it, especially with salted peanuts.

I’ve been browsing recipes for a copycat Payday candy bar and I plan to experiment in a day or two with that. But, until then, some of my friends in the Trendy Tree Wreath Club have graciously shared some of their candy corn decor.

Some of these wreaths will be for sale, and others have been made for personal use, but do check out their Facebook or business pages for more stunning creations. I’ll also show you a couple of ways to decorate with the candy itself and some things to do with it besides eating it!


Candy Corn Decor with Real Candy

Here are a couple of images of decorations that Rachel Wiygul did at Carrie’s house for Halloween last year. She loves to decorate and does such a good job….wish I had taken more images!

use candy corn as a filler for battery candles during the fall and for halloween
Candy Corn Filler for Candle

Candy Corn Wreath Tutorial from Trendy Tree

More Fun Candy Corn Decor

Are you planning a Halloween party this year? Here are a few ideas that you might consider that are easy peasy!

  • Fill a jar with candy corn and COUNT before you fill it. Make it a guessing game with a prize.
  • Decorate small pumpkins with candy corn using hot glue. Candy corn is great for teeth!
  • Make a candy corn garland using a needle and thread to string on candy corn. Dental floss works better than thread and is stronger.
  • Make ornaments for a Halloween tree or table decor using styrofoam balls and hot glue to attach candy corn.
  • Fill a vase with candy corn for an artificial floral arrangement.
  • Cover a straw wreath base with ribbon and hot glue candy corn onto it.
  • Glue candy corn to a picture frame for your Halloween photos.

I would love to hear how you have used real candy corn candy for decorations too! Tomorrow I’m planning to try my Payday recipe and it if goes well look for another candy corn blog post soon)))

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