Vase Filler Using Coffee Beans

fall floral arrangement of dried hydrangeas painted cream, blue, and orange
Coffee Bean Vase Filler

Vase Filler

Have you ever used a coffee bean vase filler? I painted another batch of dried hydrangeas in fall colors and needed something “fallish” to add to my clear vase. Candy corn was an option, but I used what I had to make a copycat PayDay recipe. More about that later.

My dried hydrangea blooms are very large so it takes a large vase. Now I didn’t want to fill up the entire vase with coffee beans, that would cost a bundle! So, I placed a smaller vase within the larger vase and placed the coffee beans around the edges.

place a smaller vase inside a larger one, fill with coffee beans
Coffee Beans

I purchased a 32 oz bag of coffee beans and used a little more than half of them. They will go in a zip lock bag in the freezer for another project down the road. I should be able to use them over and over again as long I don’t forget about them!

Dried Hydrangeas

I painted the dried hydrangeas fall colors of cream, orange, and blue. When it gets closer to Halloween I’ll take the orange ones and paint some black maybe to create a Halloween floral. Painting dried hydrangeas is easy.

The orange hydrangeas turned out to have such a rich orange color I can’t wait to try some deep purple and maybe create a Halloween floral with orange, black, purple, and green. We love Halloween))) And I found the perfect container for another fall or Halloween arrangement this past weekend. We were browsing a flea market type store and I ran across this art deco copper water pitcher. Now I don’t know if that’s real copper or if it is even old or not. It really doesn’t matter to me, but it’s perfect for a fall floral container and it won’t require a vase filler of any kind))) Was it a fab find or did I get taken? It was $45 for the pitcher and six goblets.

copper water pitcher
Copper Water Pitcher – Fab Find?

Here’s a little short video.

Fall Floral Painted Hydrangeas

Other Options?

What else have you used as a vase filler? I would love to hear from you, I’m always looking for new ideas)))

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