Custom Tea Towel: Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

carrie arranging fresh flowers in a lemon lime vase

Carrie had a bridal shower at her home this weekend and I noticed she had the custom tea towel I gave her for Christmas hanging on the stove. It featured Maggie’s (my granddaughter) childhood artwork.

personalized tea towel for mother's day

Mother’s Day will be here soon and it made me think what a nice gift a custom tea towel would be.


Carrie had a folder of some of Maggie’s art and one day I copied or scanned them to my computer. So for Christmas this past year, I picked out one of Maggie’s drawings, tweaked it a bit in Canva, and got Taalor to print it for me on a tea towel.

personalized tea towel with maggie's art work as a child


Trendy Tree has a printing process where they use sublimation for printing signs, tee shirts, and sweatshirts. The purpose of this post isn’t to explain the sublimation process, I’m not quite sure I understand it either! But as a project for my Sunday School class, I created an image with a cardinal and some scripture. Taalor took the image and pressed it to some simple tea towels and we used it as table favors for the Sunday School Christmas brunch.

tea towel with rolled up with ribbon as a table favor

That project turned out so well, it gave me the idea to make a custom tea towel for Carrie for Christmas)))

You can do a similar process right at home too with the right kind of transfer paper, a printer, and a hot iron))

Now, don’t call Trendy Tree asking to get something printed, that’s not what they do))) Taalor did it as a favor to me))) But I found some businesses on Etsy that do the same thing and I’ll share those.




Note: I haven’t personally bought from these sellers, but they’ve all received thousands of positive reviews, and their prices seem fair.

More on Tea Towels To Come

I’m working on another project for custom tea towels. I have some hand-written recipes of my Mom’s that I would like to have printed on tea towels, as another way to preserve some of our favorite recipes. Her fried apple pie recipe is a good one to start with. The apple pie image isn’t hers, but it looks just like it))

fried apple pie recipe to be printed on a tea towel


  1. Great idea miss Jeannie! I’m gonna have tea towels of recipes and kids artwork hanging everywhere! 🤭

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