Crafting Connection: DIY Mother’s Day Wreath

deco mesh ruffle wreath with Mother's Day Sign

Mother’s Day

Alright, I pitched in with crafting the DIY Mother’s Day wreath, but what counts most is the quality time shared with Carrie… and that’s what truly matters! 🙂

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, this year, and that’s not too far away. There is still plenty of time to get a wreath kit from Trendy Tree and whip up some special for your loved one.

The Video

Honestly, we seem to have be having such a hard time getting our ducks in a row for our videos! Just bear with us please))) At least we discovered it’s not always our fault!

Between the live streaming to Facebook, downloading, and then uploading to YouTube, the audio/vidual doesn’t always sync and this time, Facebook almost cut Carrie’s head off! So watching the tutorial for the Mother’s Day wreath may be a bit of a struggle for you, but you’ll still get the gist of the process I think))


Mother’s Day Wreath Kit 

Individual Products

TT-093 – Mother’s Day Sign

RX9145X7 – 1.5″ Yellow/White Ribbon

TT-093 – Mother’s Day Sign

RX9145X7 – 1.5″ Yellow/White Ribbon

RGE720227 – 7/8″ White Ribbon

RGC124829 – 2.5″ Mom Ribbon

RGA155215 – 2.5″ Colorburst Ribbon

XB240310-22 – Yellow/White Mesh

XB240310-03 – Pink/White Mesh

Wreath Forms – Pink, White, or Yellow

Basic Steps

  • Mesh – Cut pieces in 20″ lengths. It takes 36 total (two rolls of mesh).
  • Ruffles – Curl under the cut edges of the mesh, and scrunch up through the center to make a ruffle. Place two ruffles in each twist.
  • Ribbon Strips – Cut 13″ in length. Finish off ends with a chevron cut or angled cut. We put a cluster of four styles of ribbon in each twist. But you don’t have to! This deco mesh wreath would be just as pretty without ribbon strips. Be sure to spread the ribbons out so they all show up. Run your fingers under the ribbons to give them a little curl.
  • Sign – Punch holes in the metal sign and attach chenille stems. Or you can use cable mounts and secure chenille stems with them. Secure the sign to the wreath form. Position the sign to the side, and attach it to the metal wreath form.
  • Bow – Make a 14″ wreath bow in any manner you like. Carrie used the EZ Bowmaker. It’s one of our go-to tools. 
  • Finishing Touches – Clip stray threads and make a hanger with a chenille stem or floral wire. Re-fluff ribbons as necessary. Stand back and take a look. Sometimes you don’t see gaps or wayward ribbons until you see it on the door. Or in the photos later!

Tool Debate

Awl – noun “a small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather.

We debated extensively whether this tool should be called an “all” or an “owl.” What do you call it? Leave a comment))

If you are considering getting into wreath crafting, here are some handy tools you won’t want to be without.

Crafting Connection

I always enjoy crafting with Carrie, Ashleigh, and Taalor. It was fun working on this Mother’s Day wreath for sure))

My mom passed away in 2001 which was several years before we ever started Trendy Tree. But I know she would have loved it. She always had a creative touch whether it be cooking, crocheting, or sewing.

My mother would make what we called “evening gowns” for school pageants sewing tiny little sequins on satin, organza, and tulle dresses. She made our costumes for school plays. They were called “operettas” back then. Once she made me a “tulip” costume out of crepe paper with a big green hat. We would have these school plays and I would bring home a note with my character. You should have seen her face when I was to be one of the “tunas” in an under-the-sea presentation. I think being a fairy was probably one of the most fun parts. I got to wear a orchid evening gown with flowers sewn on it, and carry a wand with a star covered in tin foil. Too bad we don’t have video of those days…lol

I can imagine if she had been here when we made the Mother’s Day wreath she would have been right in the middle of it)))

When you get a chance, make something with your family….drag them to the table if you have to))) Make some memories!

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DIY Mother's Day Deco Mesh Wreath

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