Treat Yourself Right: Almond Joy Protein Shake

almond joy protein shake recipe by silver lining lessons


I’ll have to admit I have never been a fan of milkshakes. I would rather have the ice cream in a cone or a bowl with all the goodies. But I saw a recipe on Silver Lining Lessons for an Almond Joy protein shake and it looked so delicious I thought I had to try))

How much protein you need depends on things like age, muscle mass, and activity level. I’ve been working on losing weight and have dropped 15 pounds! This was not quick mind you, it’s been eight months. But getting enough protein has been tough. It’s surprising how many carbs you eat and how little protein you get unless you pay attention. So, I’m trying to focus on getting more protein, and that’s why I’m excited about trying this Almond Joy protein shake!

Silver Lining Lessons

You may have seen Jana, SLL, on TikTok or other social media. She has a website that offers alternative loaded tea recipes that are similar to the Herbal Life teas. But all her recipes are made up of simple ingredients that are fairly easy to find. She has protein shakes and flavored waters on the site too.

The loaded teas and flavored waters have helped me so much with my water intake. In addition to not being fond of milkshakes, I was never a water drinker either! Drinking plain water just never appealed to me I would always reach for a diet drink….not good I know.

So the loaded teas and flavored waters have really been a boost to my water intake. Most mornings I’ll start with a loaded tea and the rest of the day just sip on flavored waters. I know this has been good for my water intake but my eyes may turn green from all the packet ingredients I’m getting! It’s the lesser of two evils I guess….more water….more packets.

Recipe Snapshot

EASE: Easier to make than you might think
PROS: It’s Delicious and Healthy
CONS: Absolutely none


Please check the SLL website for the original recipe: Almond Joy

The ingredients are SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Soothing Mix,
Integrated Supplements Whey Isolate Protein, sugar-free instant vanilla pudding, sugar-free coconut syrup, almond flavoring, ice, and water.

For my shakes I substitute Premier Protein 100% Whey Protein Powder Chocolate, for the Integrated brand which I could not find anywhere. The Premier Protein came from Target, but you can get it on Amazon too. I’m including my Amazon affiliate links in this post.

I couldn’t find the SlimFast anywhere locally so I ordered it from Amazon along with a bottle of DaVinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Coconut Syrup. Now I could find SlimFast Smoothie mix, but not the Advanced Nutrition that the recipe called for… I ordered it.

Getting everything ready for this shake took quite a bit of preparation! In the past, I’ve never been a fan of protein powder supplements because of the taste. But this Almond Joy Protein Shake totally changed my mind!

While waiting for my ingredients to arrive, the only other thing I needed was a blender. I own a large Ninja blender, but I wanted something more compact, like those milkshake-sized blenders. I decided on the Nutri-Blender Plus. It’s fantastic at crushing ice; it can even turn it into snow!

What I Did Differently

I had to vary a little bit from Silver Lining Lessons original recipe, but Carrie still loved the Almond Joy protein shake I made for her this morning))) Saint wanted a little taste so bad, that I had to put him a little whipped cream in a pup cup)))

carrie having an almond joy protein shake, and her do saint
Carrie & Saint

The recipe calls for a cup of ice and a cup of water. I use less water so it results in a bit thicker shake. I had to substitute a little banana instant pudding since I didn’t have enough vanilla instant pudding. As for the coconut syrup, it could be the brand I have, but I added two tablespoons instead of one.

Drizzle a bit of sugar-free chocolate syrup around the inside of a 16 oz cup and top off the shake with whipped cream. That would be optional of course, but life is short!

I can’t wait to explore more protein shake recipes from Silver Lining Lessons. Have you tried any? Leave a comment and let me know your favs.

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almond joy chocolate protein shake

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