How to Repair Lamp Cracks

sale lamps with before and after repair


Don’t you just love a bargain? Me too! I found these lamps on sale for $60 each. They had been $149. But when I got to the checkout counter, I saw a crack in the lamp base I guess you would call it. Both lamps had cracks, one worse than the other.

So for the lamp cracks….I got another 20% off if I still wanted them. Yes, I did! My first thoughts were, the cracks really wouldn’t show unless you really paid close attention to them, and I thought they might be fixable. The lamps were sturdy and the cracks didn’t affect their stability.

My Experiment

The first thing I tried to repair the lamp cracks was hot glue. I thought I could put a little hot glue in the cracks and paint over it.

Wrong, this did not work. I never could get the glue smooth enough and it was just a mess, so I removed all that and moved on to something else.

Crack filler would have been the thing to use, but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to go to town. So I tried to think of something to take its place. I had heard that you could use toothpaste to fill nail holes, but I had never tried it.


Having chalk around comes in handy sometimes! There are several different things you can do with chalk besides writing on a blackboard)))


We’re all familiar with sidewalk chalk for sure, but did you know it has other household uses?

  1. Preventing wax from sticking: Rubbing chalk on a candle holder before inserting a candle can help prevent wax from sticking.
  2. Drying out wet shoes: Placing a few pieces of chalk inside damp shoes can help absorb moisture and prevent odors.
  3. Marking fabrics: Chalk is used in sewing or tailoring to mark the fabric before cutting or stitching. It’s easily erasable and doesn’t damage the fabric
  4. Removing grease stains: Rubbing a piece of chalk onto a grease stain before washing can help absorb the grease and make it easier to remove.
  5. Preventing silverware tarnish: Placing a piece of chalk in a silverware drawer can help prevent tarnishing. (I’ve never tried this, have you?)
  6. Soothing bug bites: Applying a paste made from crushed chalk and water can help alleviate the itch from bug bites.
  7. Sealing cracks: Mixing chalk powder with water to create a paste and applying it to cracks can help seal them temporarily. Bingo! There’s the answer to repairing my lap cracks))

Here’s a link to a video I did using chalk to mark red velvet ribbon to keep a wreath bow nice and even.

I thought some chalk dust mixed into the paint might double for some crack filler. Nothing to lose by trying it right?

chalk and gold paint to use for filling cracks in a gold lamp

So I grated about one piece of chalk. Psssstttt don’t tell the hubby I used his new grater that we got on our trip to Viking Cooking Class. I have to tell you about that trip… fun)))

grating chalk to use with gold paint as a crack filler


The next thing I needed for my lamp cracks was paint. I searched through my paint box for some gold paint. Even though I don’t have small grandchildren any longer, I still keep a “color box” filled with crayons, paints, brushes, and markers. You’d be surprised how handy it comes in sometimes)))

I found some paint I had used last year to paint dried pumpkin stems. So I mixed the grated chalk into the paint. It looked like a surprisingly pretty good match.

chalk dust mixed with gold metallic paint to repair cracks in lamp base


I filled the lamp cracks by brushing on the mixture. Sometimes I used a toothpick to get it fully into the crack.

overfilled crack with chalk dust combined with gold metallic paint, wipe off excess

I overfilled the lamp cracks, and then wiped the excess off with a paper towel, and repeated those steps a couple of times to get the best results.

filling a crack in a lamp with gold paint mixed with chalk dust and wiping off excess with a paper towel

Final Result

I think the lamp cracks will hardly be noticeable at all! Now all I have to do is get the hubby to move the bed so I can set them on the night tables and plug them in))

sale lamps that have cracks and now repaired

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