Patriotic Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

boxwood wreath with patriotic bow and ribbon
Patriotic Boxwood Wreath

Patriotic Decorations

It’s time to put that patriotic wreath on your front door! Well, in my case for this tutorial, these boxwood wreaths are going on my side doors.

Memorial Day is just around the corner, so a DIY patriotic wreath will look nice from now through July. Well, actually a patriotic wreath is beautiful all year long)))

Watch the video on how I add just a simple bow with a God Bless America ribbon to my boxwood wreaths for my side doors.

Patriotic Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

It’s very easy to change out your boxwood wreaths for the season and it doesn’t take much in the way of supplies. All the ribbon I used was “leftovers.” Small bows and small projects are a great way to use up that scrap ribbon.


My supplies came from Trendy Tree and the exact ribbon I used may no longer be available, but I’ll list some suggestions just in case.

These are just a few suggestions, there are many more to pick from on Trendy Tree. Broaden your search by using general terms like Patriotic, Star, USA, America, etc.

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DIY Patriotic Wreath

Using a boxwood wreath gives you a head start on this patriotic wreath project. A few weeks ago I had a square boxwood wreath that was damaged and I took the pieces apart and made two round boxwood wreaths out of it. Here’s a link to that tutorial below.

damaged wreath

Repurpose Refresh Reuse

This post will show you how I turned a 16″ damaged boxwood wreath into TWO 18″ round boxwood wreaths! The size turned out to be perfect for my side doors. And to think, I almost tossed it in the trash!

Now it’s time for me to remove the simple bows I had tied on the boxwood wreaths and replace them with something new. I wanted to use this God Bless America ribbon that I had in my leftovers. Sorry, it looks like it’s sold out on Trendy Tree right now, but you may find something similar if you want to try this project.

God Bless America Patriotic Ribbon
God Bless America Ribbon

Ribbon with Printed Words

I wanted to position a piece of the ribbon sort of like a banner across the wreath so you could read the words well.

Just attach the ribbon with chenille stems to the boxwood wreath and position however you like. I needed to make two wreaths so I sort of made them mirror images of each other. They aren’t exactly alike nor are they perfect. But neither am I so I’m happy with them either way.

Make a small bow, again I used scrap ribbon. I did use a patriotic spray from Trendy Tree and took the pieces apart to make it work for both wreaths. You could always add in more similar pieces if you wish.

small funky patriotic bow on boxwood wreath
Small Funky Patriotic Bow

These wreaths will probably stay on my side doors through summer and get changed out in the fall. Keeping projects small and simple really makes it quick and easy to get a new look. I hope you’ll follow along with me for more wreath ideas and projects!

What’s hanging on your front door? Tell me about it! I love hearing from my viewers))

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  1. These patriotic boxwood wreaths are so beautiful Jeannie! Also…awesome that your broken square boxwood wreath lives on through these two wreaths to bring happiness and joy! Have a great week!

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