18″ Round Boxwood Wreath – My $10 Flea Market Find!

A round boxwood wreath is like a little black dress – you can dress it up or dress it down, use it for any occasion and it never goes out of style!

a boxwood wreath is like a little black dress, dress it up or down for any occasion

Flea Market Find!

Today we were shopping for patio furniture and ran across a building in town that had pallet loads of stuff. Merchandise was separated into rooms marked $10 $25 and $50. My husband browsed the $50 room and I went straight to the $10 room..lol.

I rambled around a while and spied something green on one of the tables. It was a nice-looking plastic round boxwood wreath with a tacky patriotic bow. It even had a strand of battery lights…..that worked! My husband asked if I had found anything and I said….oh yeah! He said…”that wreath? It looks pretty pitiful.” I told him just wait….it will be perfect for the back porch when I finish with it.

The Makeover

I really didn’t plan to do much to the wreath except remove the tacky bow, secure the lights, and add a new bow. My first bow was made out of a fall ribbon I had on hand, and it was okay, but I opted to make another one with a prettier ribbon. The second bow was the final touch before I hung the round boxwood wreath on the back porch door.

sunflower ribbon bow made with ez bowmaker
Bow made with EZ Bowmaker

The boxwood pieces on the wreath are soft plastic and I thought at first it was on a grapevine base. But the base is actually strands of plastic made to look like a grapevine. That worked just as well and wasn’t messy. It measured a full 18″ in width. I just tied the bow onto the wreath with a 1.5″ ribbon

bow tied around wreath with narrow ribbon.
Bow Tied Around Wreath

I made the wreath for the back porch to hang on a glass door. It didn’t photograph too well there as you can see.

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Here’s a link to the ribbon that I made the bow out of. It’s still in stock at Trendy Tree.

RGC171234 2.5″ Checked Sunflower Ribbon

RGC118629 1.5″ Bright Yellow Gauze Ribbon – sold out, but here a similar yellow ribbon

RX9141J3 1.5″ Yellow White Horizontal Lines

EZ Bowmaker

Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a boxwood wreath as I did))

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Trendy Tree

If you have worked with or purchased plastic or faux square or round boxwood wreaths, you know how expensive they can be. Even at wholesale prices! You may think, and you would be partly true, that having a daughter and son-in-law that owns Trendy Tree affords me the luxury of wandering around in the warehouse and picking up things I want. That is true))) But I usually try to pick out things that I can do a tutorial with and that helps out Trendy Tree too. So it’s a win-win situation)))

But I love to find a bargain as much as the next person…..and my $10 18″ boxwood was exactly that! Man, I just wish they had had more than one….hey, maybe they did and I just didn’t see them! Maybe a whole box full…..maybe a whole pallet full! I need to go back to that store!

plastic boxwood wreath on front door with sunflower bow
Wreath on Front Door

If you’re local to my area…..it was a building at the Tupelo Furniture Market. I think it was the third building.

Happy shopping!

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  1. What a wonderful and great bargain Jeannie! I love to run in and “snoop” quickly for a bargain and hope I find a treasure. I did find what I think is one my last time in Goodwill. It was a bird feeder from Smith-Hawkins. Only $5! Wooden on a rope! I love it! Wood love to share a pic if I can. Thanks for sharing your find!

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