Mudpies with Sprinkles!

mudpies with sprinkles website for moms with children

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If you have small children or grandchildren, Mudpies with Sprinkles is a resource website for children’s activities and kid-friendly recipes that you don’t want to miss!

Mudpies with Sprinkles

Mudpies with Sprinkles is a brand new website started by my sweet niece, Katie. She is a stay-at-home mom with two adorable little girls and a wonderful husband. You can read more about why Katie chose to stay at home with her children after working for several years as a pediatric physical therapist.))

I was so delighted to find that Katie was putting her mom skills and her physical therapy knowledge to such good use! Parents and grandparents alike will find many activities to do with children that promote physical activity, a love of nature, cognitive development, simple inexpensive crafts, and so much more!

Here is an example of one of Katie’s most recent posts.

small child making an owl pine cone for valentine

Easy Valentine’s Pine Cone Snowy Owl for Kids

Snippet from the post: First things first, we need to adventure outdoors to find the elements for our pine cone owl. This is your chance to explore your crafty side. Nature is the ultimate craft box. There are acorns for ears and eyes. Leaves for big ear tuffs like the Great Horned Owl. Sticks for feet and talons. Moss and tree bark for wings. The possibilities: endless!

making pine cone snow owls


The days of doing fun crafts and activities with small grandchildren have passed for me, but we did have fun! We made everything from salt-dough cookie ornaments to cardboard barns to play in.

cardboard barn


Oh, how I would have loved to have had a resource like Mudpies with Sprinkles!

Katies couples children’s activities along with learning about nature, and experiencing life in general. You’ll find that her faith in God shines through as she teaches her little girls about kindness, joy, and positive lifestyle habits as they grow and learn.

The activities are not just cut and paste! They include exploring nature, learning about things of the earth, coupled with opportunities to practice spatial skills and to problem solve. Kid-friendly recipes and projects are budget conscious.

Check out Mudpies with Sprinkles and see what I’m talking about)) If you don’t have small children or grandchildren, I’ll bet you someone that does))) Share the link with them please.

As they say, sharing is caring)))

This is a new website, so please grant Katie some patience. It’s a work in progress and she is taking care of things, step by step. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her next post!

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