National Hamburger Day

hamburgers cooking on a grill
Grilled Hamburgers (Canva)

National Hamburger Day (May 28th) is just around the corner! Who doesn’t love hamburgers, whether you grill them or fry them. Whether they be all meat or have fillers, don’t we love them all))

Dough Burgers

We like dough burgers! We don’t always fix them or buy them very often, but we’ve had our share through the years.

My first recollection of a dough burger was eating the burgers my mom prepared at home. At the time, the reason for having dough burgers was to stretch the ground beef. She would add flour, salt, and pepper to the meat to make about a pound of ground beef feed six people. She would make thin patties and fry them in a skillet. We would eat them on hamburger buns with mustard and ketchup.

I had a friend whose mom always made yeast rolls for buns and the school I attended also had yeast rolls for buns. I thought we were uptown at home because we always had store-bought hamburger buns.😳

Ground Beef Fillers

Ground beef fillers could be flour, crushed crackers, or breadcrumbs. I’ve been told that rice or beans could be used too. I’ve never eaten a dough burger that I know of that had rice or beans in it.

The version of a dough burger that I have made was to use a couple of slices of load bread. First I would wet the bread in water, squeeze it out, then add to the ground beef along with salt, pepper, and sometimes chopped onion. We always use hamburger buns, but when without, we would just add cheese and turn them into patty melts grilled in a skillet with butter. That honestly may be my favorite choice of eating ground beef. A patty melt….wow…it’s been a while since we’ve made them at home. Maybe it’s about time!

If you don’t know what a patty melt looks like, here’s a perfect one by Real Mom Kitchen. Looks delish!

If you love down-to-earth food blogs, check out Real Mom Kitchen. It’s loaded with easy, tasty, family-friendly recipes. Laura Powell is the creator of Real Mom Kitchen and she has an amazing success story. Be sure to check it out!

Now I’m thinking….we need to have patty melts for supper!

Other Names

A dough burger in Corinth, MS goes by “slugburger.” And if you have one in Tupelo, MS, it will be a Dudie burger. Both these burgers have festivals named after them.

Hamburger Toppings

My favorite hamburger toppings are probably pretty boring to most people….just cheese, mustard, and pickle. Sometimes I like a dressed burger with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I can do without the extra calories from bacon, and mercy, who wants an egg on their hamburger?

Some of the most unusual toppings I’ve seen for burgers were at the Rodeo Goat in Dallas. It’s been a favorite eatery for us ever since we started attending the Dallas Market Center twice a year.

rodeo goat restaurant in dallas, tx
Carrie & Julie

The image is Carrie, my daughter and owner of Trendy Tree, and Julie Siomacco, a good friend and biz buddy.

Julie is the owner of Southern Charm Wreaths. By the way, if you are interested in learning how to make wreaths, Julie can teach you! Check out her business page to learn more.

Back to the Rodeo Goat burgers! They have all the standard toppings like onion, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, and much more. But they also make burgers with grilled peaches, blackberry compote, sprouts, pickled onions, avocado spread, and Irish whiskey cheddar, just to name a few!

What’s Your Favorite Topping?

We would love to hear what your favorite hamburger topping is. Better yet, what’s the most unusual thing that you have seen as a hamburger topping, whether you ate it or not))) I think peanut butter is the weirdest thing I’ve seen but I’ve never tried it.

Hamburger Fans

Do you have a hamburger fan in your household? I bet you do! Here are some of my favorite ornaments from Trendy Tree that are perfect for that hamburger, cheeseburger, patty melt, or dough burger fan.

Christmas ornaments make great gifts all year long whether it be for National Hamburger Day or just a backyard cookout. They make very cute table favors for birthday parties, barbecues, weddings, and just about any event where there will be people and food!

Here are a few of my favorites that have a cookout theme.

Did you know that Trendy Tree has over 1,000 different figural Christmas ornaments! If you love to collect unique mouth-blown, hand-painted figural glass Christmas ornaments you’ll want to browse the Old World Christmas collection. Great gifting all year round)))

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