EZ Bowz Sto & Go: Create a Simple Patriotic Bow

lantern on a hearth with a patriotic bow on top, folded USA flag beside itbow made with ez bowz sto & go bowmaker

EZ Bowz Sto & Go Bow Maker

The EZ Bowz Sto & Go is a new tool for bow-making that will make your crafting easier! I needed a new patriotic bow for my lantern so this was the perfect time to try this new bow maker out!

I used some leftover ribbons from my stash, but I can list some similar ribbons below that you can find at Trendy Tree. Making bows like this is a great way to use up those short ends of ribbon. It’s always a good idea to hang on to those short pieces of ribbon as long as they are 12″ or so. Sometimes all you need is just a bit of color and a short piece will work well.

The bow maker was easy to set up and take apart. There is a handy little bag to put it all back in for safekeeping when you’re finished with your bow. It’s easy to misplace small parts in a craft room isn’t it!

Patriotic Bow Tutorial

Trendy Tree Supplies

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EZ Bowz Sto & Go Bow Maker

Patriotic Ribbon

Assorted Stars & Patterns

Solid Red Ribbon

Blue & White Stripe Ribbon

Red White Blue Ribbon

Solid White Ribbon

Solid Blue Ribbon

The Lantern

I love decorating lanterns to suit the season or occasion—it’s one of my favorite ways to add a special touch. Whether it’s a simple DIY patriotic bow or something more elaborate with florals, twigs, or ornaments, there are endless possibilities to make it uniquely yours.

The Flag

The folded flag beside the lantern was from my dad’s funeral a few years ago. He was a proud Army Air Force veteran and I know he would be pleased that I have held on to his flag and displayed it with pride.

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and it’s a time for reflection, gratitude, and remembrance. As we approach this significant day, it is a time to honor and pay tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces. It’s a time to remember their courage and to express our heartfelt appreciation for their service and dedication.

veterans day

Patriotic Expression

Share your favorite ways to express patriotism in the comments below! Let’s inspire each other and celebrate our love for our country together!

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