Time for a New Weekly Planner!

Do you keep a weekly planner close by? Me Too! And now it’s time for a new one!

weekly planner
Weekly Planner

Carrie gave me this weekly planner for Christmas and I love it! Now, I use the calendar on my phone too, but I like making notes on paper and checking off lists. Nothing is more satisfying than having a “to-do list” and checking it off.

I’m not sure what that says about a person, I’m not necessarily “over-organized” or anything, but I like my desk calendar. Carrie may not admit it, but she is much the same way. She was always happy as a child when she was turned loose in the office supply aisle!


My new weekly planner has so many fun features. It has stickers, though I’m not much of a sticker person, I did use the little airplane one to mark a special trip coming up soon.

stickers for calendar

The weekly planner is ring-bound so you can lay it flat. I like that. It is also a 13-month planner, so you don’t have to be in too big of a hurry at the end of the year to get your next calendar.

There is a place at the front for a quick look at the entire year by month along with a 2022 and 2023 calendar. Holidays are listed and some special days like Trivia Day, Hot Sauce Day, etc. These fun little special days are great for prompting posts on social media. If you have a Facebook business page and need to post four times a day to keep your engagement up, you know how quickly the well can dry up!

Each month starts off with a monthly to-do list. Didn’t I say this was a great weekly planner))) Then the calendar is blocked off with a sidebar to make notes. There are extra pages for more notes from each month.

Fast forward to the back and you get more lined pages to make notes and some blank pages.

The weekly planner comes with this little clear bag of goodies too! It has fine-tipped colored highlighters, sticky notes, tape, pretty little pink crystals (a preteen would love this), and fine-pointed tweezers. I’m not sure, but I guess the tweezers are for pulling off the stickers? Someone help me out here!

desk calendar
Extra Goodies

Sharing is Caring

As they say, sharing is caring and I loved this weekly planner so much that I wanted to tell you about it)))

It came from Amazon. I think everything Carrie shopped for this year came from Amazon! And I do have an affiliate link for it in case you want one for yourself.

You will find affiliate links sprinkled throughout some of my posts. Many of the links will be crafting products that I use from Trendy Tree, but always the affiliate links I post will be for items that I personally like and use.

The weekly planner is on sale on Amazon right now for $25.99!

By the way. If you are a crafter or creator and have a business, here’s a great planner by Julie Siomacco, Southern Charm Wreaths.

How to Sell Handmade Monthly Design Planner

planner for crafters
Planner for Crafters

If you sell your creations, you know you have to be a step ahead of the crowd to have time to design your project, shop, create, and get it listed early enough to allow for marketing well before the buyer is ready to purchase. Julie’s guide will tell you what is on the radar so you can plan ahead. Check it out! I think you’ll want one))) It’s a digital download that you can print.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll be back later, later night I have some posting to do in my new weekly planner)))

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