Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning tips for kitchen

Do you hate the words…..spring cleaning? I do too! But this year I thought I would tackle it with a plan. Starting with maybe the hardest room in the house – kitchen spring cleaning.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

So I made a checklist. Are you a list maker? I am too….and maybe its because of that good feeling you get when you check off a box! Now, from a practical standpoint, we had the perfect time to do spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago. We were iced in our home for EIGHT days. Did I get any cleaning done….well no. I did think about it, but opted to not do it.

Since that time I decided to tackle my spring cleaning with a plan. I made a list of all the things I wanted to do in the kitchen. It is sort of like that question “how do you eat an elephant?” One little bite at a time!

The Checklist

spring cleaning tips for kitchen

The checklist is specific to my kitchen, but it has some blanks too in case I missed something.

I’ve printed my copy and plan to tape it to the refrigerator so I can check the boxes. None are checked yet….but I’m getting closer!

There are a few things that I plan to do before getting started.

Silverware Drawer

I’m looking for a cutlery organizer that will completely fill my drawer. Right now the trays slip and slide and I’m forever moving them back in place. I’m checking with the company that built our cabinets in the hope they have a tray that fits. If not, I’ll look for a custom-made one elsewhere. Any suggestions?

Cleaning Supplies

Taking an inventory of the cleaning products I already have will give me a good start on my kitchen spring cleaning. I found three partially full bottles of Windex the other day! We have a habit of trying new things….and it doesn’t take long to fill up a space. I started with a nice neat caddy under the sink and now stuff is everywhere.

Speaking of under the sink, I already have plastic shelf paper, but I’d like to have one of those Rubbermaid or Weathertech-type mats to go under there. The problem is that the plumbing comes up from the floor and I’m not sure how to work around that. Again, I’m open to suggestions!


I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much space you have for a pantry, it doesn’t take long to fill it up! I didn’t have a pantry in our old house….and managed quite well without it I thought. And it hasn’t been that long since I cleaned it out!

pantry clean out

But it’s time to do it again. It’s just so frustrating because you know there are food items in there that have expired and I let go to waste.

Stove & Oven

Would you believe that my oven is not self-cleaning. I didn’t see that as a problem when I picked it out. I was sold on it having two ovens, one large and one small. But now I have to clean it.


We’ve only been in this house six years and when we moved in, I put some things that I rarely use in the very upper cabinets. They can’t be reached without a ladder. Needless to say, those dishes, serving pieces, or whatever haven’t been used in six years. My Christmas dishes are the only thing that was put up there that we have gotten down, and Carrie had to get them down for me. We don’t get on ladders anymore! I found a more accessible place for the Christmas dishes that we use for ONE meal once a year. Ridiculous isn’t it. They make disposable paper and plastic plates so pretty now, that I probably won’t use them too many more times anyway.

So, it sounds like spring cleaning the kitchen will be an opportunity to declutter again. I mean if it’s up there and you can’t get to it…..might as well get rid of it! I like how to cabinets to the ceiling look….but not their functionality.

Growing Up

I don’t remember ever doing “spring cleaning” growing up. But I do remember that ever so often we had to wax the hardwood floors in the living room and hallway. The rest of the house had tile or linoleum.

Johnson’s paste wax came in a can and mother or daddy would spread the wax on the floor with a rag while down on their hands and knees. It had to stay there for a while until it sort of dried. Then we all had to pitch in with old towels or feed sack rags and rub that stuff off until the floor shined. Sometimes we would set my little brother on a towel and drag him all over the floor……I wonder if he remembers that…lol

Printable Checklist

I created a pdf file of the spring kitchen checklist if you would like to download a copy.

I’ll let you know how my kitchen cleaning comes along. After the kitchen, I’ll take it one room at a time. It just seemed like less of a monstrous task than say, cleaning the baseboards all through the house. We will see.

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