Red Berry Sprays in a Blue Watering Can

Red Berry Sprays in a Watering Can

Red Berry Sprays

Nothing is as simple as using a bunch of red berry sprays or picks in a container! This container is an old metal watering can that actually holds water and I use it during the spring and summer. So it’s always sitting around on the back porch. On this day, I made a Christmas/winter container out of it)))

Now, this is a simple decoration as I said, but my main reason for this post is to show you the difference that lighting can make.

I took these images all on the same day within about 5 minutes. It was the middle of the afternoon on a rainy day. Not the best day to be taking pictures I know! If you’re anything like me, you have to go ahead and do something when you think about it…..or it’s lost forever)))


The first image (above) was a nice true color of the red berry sprays. But I wanted to have a little different background than the brick wall. So I moved the container to another part of the porch and took a shot with the trees in the background. Again, not the prettiest time of the year for the trees….but it’s December)) But look at the difference in the color of the berries!

photo lighting makes a difference
Red Berries in a Watering Can

Luckily, I took a quick look at my images before taking many more. The red berry sprays were so dark! Look at the difference the lighting made in the color of the berries. The image wasn’t what my eyes were seeing at all!

difference the light makes when taking an image
Lighting Difference

I kept the container of berry sprays in the same position and just moved around it myself and took more images. It was the middle to late afternoon so the lighting really wasn’t behind me. The Pergola cover could have been a factor in the difference. I’m not really sure!

If I was shooting toward the house, the lighting was better. If I was shooting toward the woods, the lighting was worse. All I’m saying is, that it pays to take a quick look at a couple of images before proceeding with more)))

Portrait Filter

The other thing I wanted to mention was how I use the portrait filter. This is really helpful when you want to focus on the main subject, and want the background to just sort of blend and not be so visible.

red berry sprays

Most of the time when we are taking pictures we’re so focused on our subject that we don’t even notice what’s in the background. Many times it doesn’t matter, but it’s frustrating to notice something so obvious after the fact. Especially when you can’t go back and take another image.

Here’s another example. Not a great one, but it’s one I could find))

the difference a portrait filter can make
Portrait Filter

As I say, the image on the left isn’t terrible, but you can see a sack in the background. It’s hardly noticeable really, but with the portrait filter on, the colors just blend and the sack is indistinguishable.


Just remember to take a couple of photos and look at them to check your lighting. Taking the images of the red berries and really an eye-opener for me. And I still haven’t figured out if I had light behind me or in front of me, or shade over my head or what!

Red Berry Sprays

Oh, if you need red berry sprays or picks, here are a few still in stock at Trendy Tree.

  • EW006533 – Red Berry Spray
  • EC4213 16″ Red Berry Spray
  • 62945RD 23″ Red Berry Spray
  • XS9523 24″ Snow Glitter Red Berry Spray

The blue watering can was actually a decorative container that fresh flowers came in, from The Twig of course)) Rachel Wiyguil makes the most beautiful arrangements! You can tell which ones were Rachels’s creations and which ones were mine))

I was surprised to find that the watering can really did hold water, so I’ve used it both as a watering can, and floral container ever since.

The watering can is sort of like an old comfortable sweatshirt. The older it gets, and the more age it shows …the better you like it. Hey, sounds like I’m describing the hubby)))

blue watering can with fresh and faux florals
Blue Watering Can
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