Beautiful Spring Wreaths

beautiful spring wreaths, easter wreath

Spring Wreaths

Are you looking for a beautiful spring wreath for your front door, an Easter Wreath, or maybe just some spring wreath ideas to create one for yourself? We have some suggestions for you!

Rhonda Carrier Designs

Rhonda Carrier of Rhonda Carrier Designs has been a customer of Trendy Tree for a long while, and she makes the most beautiful wreaths! I’m happy to share some of her gorgeous designs with you. She has many for sale in her Etsy shop and you can browse from a large assortment of stunning wreaths.

spring wreaths by rhonda carrier designs

With spring just around the corner and Easter coming up, I wanted to show you some of my favorite selections from her shop. And she offers FREE SHIPPING too! That’s very important when purchasing something like a wreath for your front door. I can tell you from experience that it’s no easy task to package and ship a big beautiful wreath. But Rhonda does it with excellence.

Rhonda Carrier Designs is an Etsy Star Seller which means she has a history of 5-star reviews, ships on time, and replies quickly to any messages. So grab a cup of coffee and browse through some of her spring wreaths. Each image contains a link that will take you right to her Etsy shop to purchase.

Spring & Easter Wreaths

spring or easter grapevine wreath


Easter wreath for the front door! Gorgeous, elegant, Easter wreath with pink real touch poppies, pink and purple wildflowers, artificial fern greenery, and pastel eggs designed on a grapevine wreath. Two large bows adorn this wreath. The bows are made of quality wired ribbons in a solid lavender, and a watercolor ribbon in shades of pink, lavender, blue and yellow. Such a beautiful wreath for any front door or indoor home decor.

My Thoughts

Convert this Easter wreath into a spring & summer wreath to get more time out of it. All you would have to do is just remove the Easter eggs after Easter. It would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift too. You know you can still shop with your mother in mind even if she has been gone a long time as my mom has. Just choose a gift for yourself that you know your mother would have loved. Every time you look at it, you’ll think about your mom.

Oh, and I wanted to mention too, that she used real touch poppies. If you aren’t familiar with the difference between just artificial poppies and real touch, the difference is huge! Any “real touch” bloom is a premium product. Flowers of the real touch type are so realistic that you’ll have to touch them to prove to yourself that they are not real.

spring wreath, pink peonies


Spring wreath for front door with dark pink, silk peonies, and peony buds. A variety of artificial greenery including beautiful, wired rosehip and green seed pods. The bow design is a black and white check, pink-backed ribbon, and a solid pink ribbon with a green back. This stunning wreath has a lot of dimension and texture. Perfect for any front door or indoor spring and summer decor. Watch a short video of this wreath below.


My Thoughts

This is absolutely my favorite color combination. I am drawn to anything made with dark pink, fuchsia, and green. I love the peonies! Peonies always make me think of my grandmother. She had such a green thumb and her light pink or blush peonies were beautiful. My favorite colors are the ones Rhonda used in this spring wreath. Silver dollar eucalyptus is in there too along with some fern sprays.

Again, it’s a wreath that could hang on your door from March to September! I love those little berry things too!

grapevine wreath with flowers and large easter egg sign


Easter Wreath For Front Door! Gorgeous, grapevine wreath with floral egg sign and pink, purple, and turquoise silk flowers. Dark pink spiked ball stems add texture and dimension along with lavender stems. Eucalyptus and light green leaves provide a base for the flowers. Stunning, coordinating bow, designed with 3 different quality wired ribbons. The turquoise ribbon glitters. The sign could be easily removed from the grapevine, for continued use through spring and summer. Perfect door wreath or wreath for a dining room wall, over the fireplace, and on an office door.

My Thoughts

This spring wreath idea is a burst of flowers and colors! I love the deep purple accents. It’s a great wreath for spring and summer. You could just remove the Easter egg sign after the bunny has left and continue using this wreath. It would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift too. By the way, Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 8th and Easter is April 17th. Just get your mom an early Mother’s Day gift!

spring and summer grapevine wreath with watermelon sign


Spring/Summer wreath for the front door! Gorgeous, farmhouse-style watermelon wreath, designed on a grapevine base, with a metal “Farmers Market Watermelon” sign. I used pink lilacs and red poppies that coordinate with the sign colors, a variety of beautiful greenery, and textured green pods. Lots of textures and dimensions in this wreath. The watermelon patterned ribbon combined with pretty pink checks and solid lime adds a whimsical touch to the wreath. This would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or be used as your front door wreath for both spring and summer. Watch the video.


My Thoughts

Did I say I like these colors? Yes! I love the combination of the pinks and reds. And who doesn’t love watermelon! I love those little pod things too. You know from a wreath-making standpoint, we don’t always think about picking stems other than blooms and greenery, but those pods just add so much to a wreath. And one of the leaf stems reminds me of actual watermelon leaves. Maybe it’s the variegated stripes like the watermelon stripes))

Wrapping it Up!

Well, I could go on and on and show you more beautiful creations by Rhonda Carrier Designs. But you can go to her Etsy shop and browse for yourself. There is so much to see! Browsing will give you so many spring wreath ideas, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one is your favorite!

Thanks to Rhonda for allowing me to share her stunning spring wreaths and I hope you’ll go by her shop and check them out. You can also find Rhonda on Facebook. Drop in and say hello to her and tell her Jeannie sent you!

Hey, while we’re talking about Facebook, drop by my page too! Leave me a comment if you went straight to my Facebook page from the blog. It’s just fun to know how folks find you)))

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