Peanut Butter Balls – Only 3 Ingredients!

peanut butter balls
Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut butter balls with only three ingredients……it sounded too good to be true! But it turned out the peanut butter ball recipe was just as good and easy as it sounded)))

Paula Deen

I was watching TV and At Home with Paula Deen came on. Guess what she was making….peanut butter balls of course! The recipe is published in one of her children’s cookbooks and was originally a weekly treat that she was served on Fridays in the lunchroom at school when she was growing up.

The desserts I remember that came from the lunchroom were peanut butter cookies and oatmeal cookies. They were homemade in the lunchroom and were about 4″ or 5″ squares. They were so good. Back then when I was growing up we actually had lunches that were hot and good. We didn’t have any choices, you got what was prepared or nothing at all. We had homemade yeast rolls for hamburger buns, Now, yes we had “mystery meat” occasionally, but most of the time it was good home-cooking. I guess they got some commodity foods that had to be used but those peanut butter cookies were to die for!

Paula Deen’s Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut Butter (smooth or crunchy) – 1/2 Cup

Honey – 1/2 Cup

Powdered Milk – 1/2 Cup (Note: the last time I made these I used 3/4 to 1 cup of powdered milk and I think it worked better, the balls were easier to shape.)

Optional: Chopped nuts or confectioners sugar to roll the balls in.

How to Make the Balls

The recipe was simply too easy. Just mix up the three ingredients and form them into balls. Now my first thought was, that the mixture would be hard to form into balls. But it wasn’t! I didn’t even refrigerate it! Form into small balls and set on parchment or waxed paper.

The optional part is that you can roll the balls in chopped peanuts or pecans. Paula calls them “pee-cans.” We call them “puh-cons.” I made a mixture and used both peanuts and pecans. I also added a tiny bit of Kosher salt to the nut mix. Just a little bit though!

peanut butter balls
Peanut Butter Balls

Store the peanut butter balls in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator. You could refrigerate them and dip them in chocolate too. I’ll probably try that the next time)))

Watch her Video

The above recipe came from Paula’s television program, You can watch the video below.

Paula Deen’s Peanut Butter Balls

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  1. I am 75 years old and remember my Mama making peanut butter balls with white Karo syrup , powdered milk, confectioners sugar and peanut butter. They were soo good and rolled into perfect balls. Some times she let us kids coat them with milk chocolate.

    1. Thank you Janie for following, I appreciate it))). My grandson, just yesterday, said we ought to make some peanut butter balls….and I think he’s right))) He likes them dipped in chocolate too)))

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