Valentine Centerpiece

raz bike planter valentine centerpiece
Bike Planter

Valentine Centerpiece

Make a Valentine centerpiece using this pretty little metal Bike container from RAZ Imports. There are a few left at Trendy Tree so don’t hesitate, they won’t last long!

I love a container like this because it’s so versatile. It’s perfect for holding small arrangements. Watch the video to see how I made the floral arrangement for the back bucket and I just dropped in some pretty little hearts in the handlebar basket.

valentine centerpiece with mini tulips and red hearts
Bike Planters with Flowers

Please bear with my problems in the video! It just didn’t seem to be my day for things to go smoothly for a crafting video. But I decided not to edit out the flukes! Sometimes you need to know that things do not always go as planned behind the scenes, even though the final cut may look like it)))

red valentine hearts
Bike with Red Hearts

Several years ago when Carrie and I were doing tutorials together, she always, always, had something to say or do during the video that I edited out. Then I gave up and just started adding the bloopers at the end! Our viewers loved it))) We don’t get much of a chance to do them together anymore, Trendy Tree keeps her busy!

Valentine Centerpiece Supplies (all from Trendy Tree)

3928840 RAZ Bike Container

Mini Tulip Bundle

Heart Pick (Pink or Red)

13510G Eucalyptus Bush

35065WT White Gypso Bush

XA1227 Faux Snow

15205-09-44 1.5″ Valentine Ribbon

Vintage Valentines

I was in Dollar Tree the other day and ran across the cutest little metal Valentine envelope ornament. They have a lot of Valentine’s decorations! My plan was to hang the little ornament on the handlebars and fill it with my vintage Valentines from the 1950s.

Valentine envelope ornament from Dollar Tree

Back in the day, and I hate that saying… elementary school we always had a Valentine’s party. Everyone would bring Valentines and put them in a big decorated box on the teacher’s desk. The teacher would pull out each envelope Valentine one by one and some lucky child would get to pass them out to the receiver.

The Valentine’s party was fun. Some of the Valentines were “storebought” some were homemade with construction paper and some were “re-gifted.” The telltale name that had been carefully erased would sometimes show through. Anyway, I saved some of mine and planned to use them for the Valentine’s centerpiece.

My luck wasn’t good on this day as I said. I couldn’t find my vintage Valentines anywhere!

Seasonal Ideas

Versatile….that’s all you can say about the bike Valentine centerpiece)))

The Valentine’s centerpiece can be changed out so easily. This is one reason I don’t typically use hot glue or any type of permanent attachment in my creations. I like to re-purpose things)))

The bike container would be great for a spring or summer arrangement. You could add some daffodils or when Easter comes around, add some pretty eggs to the baskets. Small pumpkins and some sunflowers would be cute for the fall and you could even use the bike for Christmas and add ornaments, candy canes, or something like that.

As we age, it gets harder to have to move things in and out of rooms for decorating. In an “ideal” world, you could have a storage room large enough on the first floor to store arrangements like the Valentine’s centerpiece, and just pull it out again next year.

But, don’t you like something new? Me too! I may use the container again next Valentine’s but I’ll want something different! Conversations hearts….that would be cute. Maybe by then, I’ll run across my old Valentines from the 1950s and I can put them in the basket))

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